Pedant’s English Lesson

Pedant’s English Lesson

Put the stress where it should be:
as near the front as possible.
All together, say with me:
harass, kilometre, integral.

Use the adverb sparingly,
thoughtfully and carefully.
We really do not want to see
‘incredibly believably’!

With prepositions, be precise;
do not do as others do.
Pray avoid the current vice
of slackly using ‘different to’.

Certain words are otiose.
Such a word is ‘existential’.
It merely adds a spurious pose,
a preciousness that’s detrimental.

‘Absolutely’ is another.
Unless the topic’s rule of kings
give a nod or save the bother,
go on to talk of other things

When comparisons are made,
‘like’ is often wrongly used.
A simpler word may be your aid:
‘as’ has rarely been abused.

‘Grab’, for ‘take’ is infra dig:
redolent of games arcades,
business with a comic’s wig
or passing-by-on-scooter raids.

‘Neither’ is a busy player;
with four roles he’s quite a whiz!
As pronoun he is singular:
not ‘neither are’, but ‘neither is’.

All the bees flown from my bonnet?
I could find a hiveful more!
I expect you’ll think upon it,
think again … and then ignore!